About fabulous at fifty

My Mission

Putting an outfit together for the day can be equally as satisfying to me as painting a picture or decorating my home. This is one of the ways I express my creativity, my character and my mood for the day. Even though beautiful clothes brighten up my world and contribute to my well being, I share the same concern as many others, that the overproduction of new clothes are greatly contributing to waste and pollution on out planet.

As I share my collection of clothes with you my desire is to reduce the waste of overproduction and at the same time brighten up your day with well cared for fashion that you can enjoy as well.  My clothes are one-of-a-kind treasures that are hand picked with quality, style and purpose in mind. I sell my clothes on ebay, deopop  and on poshmark.

You can either purchase the clothes directly from me or you can buy them from any of the sites here below. Special offer 2 for 1 until Nov 15 2020. Prices, sizes and more photos are available here under Skirts,  Tops, Dresses and jackets and on the sites here below. 

Pls email me for more information: fabulousatfifty68@gmail.com